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Classroom Stools

A comprehensive collection of quality UK manufactured stools including a variety of poly, skid base, wooden top, stacking, high chairs for use in your science lab & technology classroom for schools, colleges and universities. Built to a high commercial standard to withstand even the toughest of uses, making them more durable for the educational environment in which they may be placed.  

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Direct Educational Furniture Sales Junior Height Stools

Junior Height Stools

from £12.75 each

Hille Flat Top Stools.

Hille Flat Top Stools

from £19.00 each

Advanced Poly Stool

Advanced Poly Stools

from £18.00 each

25 Series Stools

25 Series Stools

from £17.50 each

Series E Series Classroom High Stools

Series E High Stools

from £22.50 each

View.... Advanced High Stools

Advanced High Stools

from £23.00 each

ASL Classroom Stool

ASL Stools

from £23.75 each

WSM Classroom Stools

WSM Stools

from £23.25 each

CLS Cantilever Stool

CLS Cantilever Stools

from £25.50 each

MX05 Classroom Stools

MX05 Stools

from £24.00 each

Pepperpor Stools

Pepperpot  Stools

from £26.25 each

ASL Skid Base Stools

ASL Skid Base Stools

from £25.75 each

Heavy Duty Wooden Top Stools

Heavy Duty Wooden Top Stools

from £25.75 each

SE Backless Stools

SE Backless Stools

from £25.00 each

WSM Skid Base Stools

WSM Skid Base Stools

from £27.00 each

NP Classroom High Stools

NP High Chairs

from £22.00 each

Postura+ Stools

Postura Plus Stools

from £33.00 each

BS High Stools

BS High Chairs

from £29.50 each

Chair 2000 High Stools

Chair 2000 High Chairs

from £30.50 each

EN High Classroom Stools

EN Classic High Chairs

from £40.00 each

Geo High Classroom Stools

GEO High Stools

from £42.00 each

Postura + High Chairs

Postura Plus High Chairs

from £40.50 each

EN Skid Base Stools

EN Classic High Skid Base

from £48.50 each

Mata Classroom High Stools

Mata High Stools

from £56.50 each

35 Series Stools

35 Series Stools

from £57.50 each

Series E High Stool.

Series E High Stools

from £23.50 each

SE Curve Stool

SE Curve Stools

from £27.00 each

NP Rectangular Stools

NP Rectangular Stools

from £18.00 each

SE Classroom Stool

SE Stools

from £29.00 each

Round Top Classroom Stools

Round Top Stools

from £12.75 each

Mata High Sled Stools

Mata High Sled Stools

from £58.00 each