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Classroom Tables

We have an extensive range of classroom tables which are manufactured in the UK and designed to meet strict quality specifications to survive busy educational environments and conform to the New European Standards EN1729 Part 1 Primary Height Size Marks and Part 2 for strength and durability. Available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes giving you an excellent selection of modern and cost-efficient options to choose from.

Square Classroom Tables

Square Tables

from £32.00 each

Rectangular Classroom Tables

Rectangular Tables

from £40.50 each

Trapezoidal Classroom Tables

Trapezoidal Tables

from £41.00 each

Classroom Table with Trays

Tables with Trays

from £42.00 each

Semi Circular Classroom Tables

Semi Circular Tables

from £41.00 each

Circular Classroom Table

Circular Tables

from £59.00 each

Equation Classroom Tables

Equation Tables

from £55.50 each

Segga Tables Height Adustable Classroom Tables

Height Adjustable Tables

from £134.00 each

Study Carrels

Study Carrels

from £107.50 each

Start Right Tables

Start Right Tables

from £135.50 each

Tilt Top Classroom Tables

Tilt Top Tables

from £270.00 each

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Direct Educational Furniture Sales Teachers Desk

Teachers Desks

from £207.50 each

Project Tables

Project Tables

from £332.50 each

White Board Top Classroom Tables

Whiteboard Top Tables

from £50.00 each

Standard Nursery Tables.

Standard Nursery Tables

from £50.50 each

Cantilever Classroom Table

Cantilever Tables

from £62.00 each

Premium Nursery Tables

Premium Nursery Tables

from £71.00 each

Connect classroom tables

Connect Tables

from £78.00 each

Craft Tables > Laboratory Tables

Craft & Science Tables

from £86.50 each

Tuf Class Wooden Tables

Tuf Class Tables

from £102.50 each

Premium Craft Tables

Premium Craft Tables

from £122.50 each

Tuf Top Tables Adjustable Tables

Tuf Top Adjustable Tables

from £134.00 each

Equation Leaf Table

Equation Leaf Tables

from £88.50 each

Equation Jewel Tables

Equation Jewel Tables

from £88.50 each

Rainbow Height Adjustable Classroom Tables

Rainbow Adjustable Tables

from £288.00 each

Flower Height Adjustable Classroom Tables

Flower Adjustable Tables

from £288.00 each

GEO Classroom Tables

GEO Chunky Tables

from £50.00 each

Tri Tables

 Tri Tables

from £80.50 each

Curve Tables

Curve Modular Tables

from £118.50 each

Z Frame Classroom Table Reliance Tables

 Reliance Range Tables

from £44.50 each

Elite Classroom Tables

Elite Tables

from £122.00 each

RT32 Round Leg Classroom Tables

 RT32 Tables

(32mm Round Tube Leg)

from £39.00 each

Capture Pen Pot Table Premium

Pen Pot Tables

from £76.00 each

Fully Welded Tables Colours Collection.png

Fully Welded Tables

 (Coloured Frames and Tops)

from £40.50 each

Crush Bent Tables Colours Collection.png

Crushed Bent Tables

(Coloured Frames and Tops)

from £40.50 each

Enviro Classroom Tables

Enviro Tables

from £99.50 each

Enviro Link Table

Enviro Link Tables

from £138.00 each

Euro Tables

 Euro Tables

from £61.50 each

RT45 Classroom Tables

RT45 Premium Tables

(45mm Round Tube Leg)

from £54.00 each

Bruro Edge Square Classroom Table

Buro Edge Tables

 (Matching edge colour)

from £35.50 each