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Remploy EN Classic High Chair

Remploy EN Ergonomic High Chairs with Curved waterfall front which prevents loss of circulation in the legs. The curved seat profile aids overall comfort and movement. Exceptional ergonomic shell support for the lower back, flexing naturally with the user’s movement. A close fitting interface between the poly shell and metal frame. Highly engineered and riveted for maximum strength, durability and longevity. A shapely and comfortable hand held for lifting. Ideal for science and technology classrooms. UK Manufacturer's 15 year warranty.

EN Classic High Chairs

Light Grey Frame


EN71 - 610mm Seat Height

EN70 - 660mm Seat Height


Qty: 1 to 29     £44.00 each

Qty: 30 to 99   £42.50 each

Qty: 100 +       £40.50 each

EN Classic High Chairs

Shell Colour Options:

Banana    Royal       Night        Cherry   Chocolate   Velvet       Cool          Sky

Yellow       Blue        Grey          Red        Brown       Purple      Grey          Blue  

  Lime      Oatmeal    White        Lilac        Fuchsia   Mandarin    Apple        Black

 Green                                                                        Orange    Orchard                                                              

Frame Colour Options:

Light Grey