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Exam Furniture

A range of exam furniture including folding and stacking exam desks and chairs compete with trolleys for safe, easy and convenient storage.  Simply choose from a variety of styles as shown.

Folding Exam Desks

Folding Exam Desks

from £16.00 each

Skid Leg Folding Exam Desks

Skid Leg Folding Exam Desks

from £25.00 each

Stacking Exam Desk

Stacking Exam Desks

from £28.00 each

Cantilever Exam Desks

Cantilever Exam Desks

from £36.0 each

Heavy Duty Cantilever Exam Desks

Heavy Duty Exam Desks

from £36.00 each

Study Carrel

Study Carrels

from £109.00 each

Eco Stacking Poly Chairs

ECO Stacking Poly Chairs

from £7.95 each

Exam Desk Trolley

Exam Desk Trolley

from £131.00 each

Zlite Folding Chairs Straight Back

Folding Chairs - Straight Back

from £11.00 each

Zlite Folding Chair Trolley

Folding Chair Trolleys

from £97.50 each

Zlite Folding Chairs Fan Back

Folding Chairs - Fan Back

from £11.50 each

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Direct Educational Furniture Sales Maestro Chair with Tablet

Chairs with Writing Tablets

from £29.00 each