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This versatile range of craft/technology classroom tables is ideal for use throughout the school. These sturdy and practical tables have a strong steel round under-frame for strength and stability. Finished with either a laminate MDF Bullnose edge, a Trespa Top or a Duraform PU edge - a high impact and resilient textured spray PU edge, enhancing the look and life time of your table.  Table Top, Frame and Edge options shown below. Premium Tables have a 10 year UK manufacturers warranty.

Premium Craft & Technology Tables

Premium Craft & Technology Tables

- 45mm Round Steel Tube Frame

Table heights available 760mm, 800mm, 850mm, 900mm, 950mm, 1000mm


MDF Edge

1200mm x 600mm PRCRAFT-126-MD   £140.50 each

1200mm x 750mm PRCRAFT-127-MD   £151.50 each

1500mm x 750mm PRCRAFT-157-MD   £178.50 each


Duraform PU Edge in Charcoal, Blue or Grey

1200mm x 600mm PRCRAFT-126-PS   £148.50 each

1200mm x 750mm PRCRAFT-127-PS   £159.50 each

1500mm x 750mm PRCRAFT-157-PS   £187.00 each



1200mm x 600mm PRCRAFT-126-TRESP   £272.50 each

1200mm x 750mm PRCRAFT-127-TRESP   £368.50 each

1500mm x 750mm PRCRAFT-157-TRESP   £397.50 each


NB: Prices based on 2+ Tables

Premium Craft Tables

 Laminate Top Colours for MDF and Duraform PU Edge:

   Ailsa       Beech       Blue      Light Grey    Oak        White

Trespa Top Colours:

Speckled  Speckled  Speckled  Speckled  White     Icey Blue     Pastel      Powder      White

                    Grey         Blue

Edge Options:

Duraform PU edge colours available in Blue, Red, Green,  Charcoal and Light Grey

 Duraform    Trespa          MDF              

 PU Edge      Edge           Edge                          

Frame Colour Options:

Duraform Speckled Light Grey, Metallic Charcoal, Black, Light Grey or Silver

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