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A full range of heavy duty cloakroom and classroom storage units including school lockers, Island Seating and Bench Seating to suit any educational environment. Key Cam Lock or Padlock type fitting on lockers with seven coloured door options. Airflow Venting System on all lockers as standard.

Cube Lockers

from £37.50 each

School Lockers

from £70.00 each

Primary School Lockers

from £64.50 each

Changing Room Benches

from £88.50 each

Bubblegum Cloakroom Range

from £146.00 each

Wellington Boot Storage

from £72.50 each

Cloakroom Island Seating

from £202.50 each

Junior Island Seating

from £240.00 each

School Lunch Box Storage

from £320.00 each

Enviro Changing Room Benches

from £271.00 each

Quarto Lockers

from £48.50 each

Cloakroom Shoe & Bag Storage

from £110.00 each

Bubblegum Cubby

from £662.50 each

Dressing up Cupboard 

from £814.00 each

Mobile Cloakroom Storage

from £276.00 each

Cube Lockers Quarto Lockers School Lockers Primary School Lockers Changing Room Benches Wellington Boot Storage Bubblegum Cloakroom Range Cloakroom Shoe & Bag Storge Junior Island Seating Cloakroom Island Seating Enviro Changing Room Benches Mobile Cloakroom Storage School Lunch Box Storage Bubblegum Cubby Dressing up Cupboard