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Social Distancing  for Schools

Currently traditional classrooms are not set up to promote social distancing due to class sizes, sometimes 30+ children per class. This may have to change with one chair per table/desk and 15 tables/desks per class and possible utilising hall and canteen space to segregate areas.  We have put together some possible social distancing furniture solutions for the education sector including individual square nesting tables, stacking chairs, folding desks/folding chairs and chairs with integrated writing tablets. All of these can be easily stored when not in use. In the short term this would enable safe distancing between students whilst allowing other areas within the school to have a multi-purpose use.

Social Distancing Classroom Furniture Square Classroom Table with Trays

Classroom Tables with Trays

from £53.50 each

Square Classroom Tables

Square Classroom Tables

from £42.00 each

Classroom Chairs

Classroom Chairs

from £12.75 each

Chairs with Writing Tablets

Chairs with Writing Tablets

from £38.00 each

Foldin Desks and Chairs

Folding Desks & Chairs

from £13.50 each

Classroom Furniture Pack 4 Classroom Furniture Pack 5 Stacking Exam Desks

Stacking Exam Desks

from £36.50 each

Antimicrobial Affinity Chairs

Antimicrobial Affinity Chairs

from £15.75 each