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EVO Skid Base Chairs 

EVO skid base chair is a modern design and certified for education and suitable for a wide range of applications. Multipurpose, lightweight & easy to handle stacking polypropylene classroom chairs. Carefully designed and developed with higher and further education use in mind. Also ideal for breakout areas.

EVO Skid Base Chairs

Key Features:

  • Waterfall Seat

  • Stackable Chairs

  • BSEN1729 Compliant 

  • UK Manufactured

  • 5 Year Warranty

EVO Skid Base Chairs
EVO Skid Base Chairs
EVO Skid Base Chairs
EVO Skid Base Chair

Size        Seat Height         Age                         Product Code         Quantity 4 - 29        Quantity 30 - 99         Quantity 100+

4             430mm                  11 - 14 years       EVO21                        £44.00 each             £41.75 each                £40.00 each

5             460mm                  14+  years            EVO20                        £46.25 each             £42.00 each                £40.50 each

Chair Colours - Choose your seat colour:

Frame Colours - Choose your frame colour (Chrome Silver | Textured Silver Frames at an extra cost of £1.50 per Chair)

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