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Folding Tumble Mats 

Large folding tumble mats with contrasting colour on reverse side.  Welded seams making the mats suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  Made with 4 sections that fold easily for storage.  Can be folded once to double height for high impact use. Perfect for use under play equipment or for elementary gymnastics. Made with soft, easy to clean vinyl, perfect for maintaining hygiene

4 Section Folding Tumble Mats

Key Features:

  • Supplied in a mix of colours

  • Suitable for Age 2 - 6 years

  • Sold in Cartons of 5

Description                                 Dimensions each Mat                                          Product Code        Price

Folding Tumble Mats              W1800mm x D900mm x H25mm                     MFXCC1                   £218.50 (Pack of 5)

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