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Puzzle Modular Seating 

Bold, Contemporary well designed Modular soft seating for school, college and university breakout  areas. Puzzle offers a range of circular seating modules in five different shapes that create limitless configurations with creative landscapes.

Puzzle Modular Seating

Key Features: 

  • 460mm Seat Height

  • UK Manufactured

  • 5 Year Warranty

Cylinder Stool
Crescent Stool
Peanut Stool
Clover Stool

Description                            Dimensions                                                                                Product Code          Quantity 1 - 3           Quantity 4 - 29          Quantity 30+

Cylinder Stool                        W450mm x D450mm x Seat Height 460mm                425                              £216.00 each            £195.00 each           £178.00 each

Crescent Stool                      W450mm x D450mm x Seat Height 460mm                424                              £216.00 each            £195.00 each           £178.00 each

Peanut Stool                         W950mm x D450mm x Seat Height 460mm                428                              £322.50 each            £298.00 each           £278.00 each

Clover  Stool                          W950mm x D675mm x Seat Height 460mm                429                              £418.50 each            £388.50 each           £367.00 each

Fabric Colours - Choose your fabric or vinyl colour: (Prices shown based on Band A Fabric or Vinyl - Additional Cost Band B)

Band A Fabric:

Camira Advantage Fabric Swatchcard:

Download PDF

Band B Fabric | Vinyl: (Additional Cost - Please contact our sales advisors for prices)

Camira Mainline Plus Fabric Swatchcard:

Download PDF

Just Colour Vinyl Swatchcard:

Download PDF

Lexaire Paintbox Vinyl Swatchcard:

Download PDF
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