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Book House Storage 

Bubblegum Book House Storage units are ideal for reading corners in the early years classroom.  Available in a choice of four bright vibrant trim colours Cool Blue, Lime, Tangerine or White. 

Book House Storage

Key Features:

  • Delivered Fully Assembled

  • 18mm Maple MFC

  • Trays included 

  • UK Manufactured

  • 5 Year Warranty

Bubblegum Book House Storage with 3 Double Trays

Description          Dimensions    Product    Price                                                                   Code

Book House         W910mm       MAP9000 £265.00  Storage with       D568mm                             each

3 Double Trays   H1011mm

Bubblegum Bookhouse Storage with 7 Large Book Slots

Description       Dimensions      Product      Price


Book House     W910mm          MAP9018   £289.00

Storage with    D568mm                                  each

7 Slots                H1011mm

Bubblegum Book House Storage with 3 Double Trays and 2 Triple Trays

Description          Dimensions     Product    Price                                                                  Code

Book House        W910mm        MAP9020 £276.00

Storage with       D568mm                                 each

3 Double Trays   H1011mm

and  2 Triple Trays

Book House Storage Trim Colour - Choose your trim colour:

Tray Colours - Choose your tray colours:

Optional Tray Accessories: 

Tray Lid Transparent

Tray Lid Transparent 

One Size fits all trays £3.50 each

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