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Postura Plus Stools

The lightweight, easy stacking slender design of the Postura Classroom Stool makes it the perfect seating solution when space is at a premium. Easy to clean and highly durable, the polypropylene seat is also stain and UV resistant. Its easy hook allows for safe storage of bags under the seat, and it can stack to 6 high for convenient storage if needed. 

Postura Plus Stools

Key Features

  • Stools Stack 6 High

  • Stain and UV Resistant

  • UK Manufactured

  • 20 Year Warranty

Postura Plus Stools
Postura Plus Stools
Postura Plus Stools
Postura Plus Stools

Description                                                                        Seat Height                                                        Price

Postura Plus Stools                                                        560mm                                                                £51.50 each

Postura Plus Stools                                                        610mm                                                                £52.25 each

Postura Plus Stools                                                        685mm                                                                £54.00 each

Stool Seat Colours - Choose your seat colour:

Frame Colours - Choose your frame colour:

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