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Puffin Chairs 

The Puffin reception chair is perfectly suited for reception area seating, staffroom seating, libraries or reading corners. This easy chair is available in a number of vivid fabrics, making it one of our most style conscious products. Due to the strong tubular frame this chair is extremely robust and long lasting. The range of Low coffee tables work perfectly with the Puffin Chair.

Puffin Chairs shown with Square Coffee Table

Key Features: 

  • Seat Height 450mm

  • Deep Supportive Upholstery

  • Coffee Table 32mm Round Tube Leg

  • 18mm Laminated Top

  • UK Manufactured

  • 5 Year Warranty

Puffin Chairs shown with Connect Coffee Tables
Puffin Chairs shown with Rectangular Coffee Tables
Connect Coffee Table
Puffin Chair

Description                                         Dimensions                                                           Product Code                Quantity 1 - 29        Quantity 30 - 99       Quantity 100+

Puffin Chairs                                       410mm Seat Height                                           PUFFIN3                         £265.50 each          £254.50 each           £242.50 each

Rectangular Coffee Table              W1200mm x D600mm x Height 380mm   RT32-126-38-PS           £92.00 each            £88.00 each              £84.00 each

Square Coffee Table                         W600mm x D600mm x Height 380mm     RT32-66-38-PS             £75.00 each            £72.00 each              £68.50 each

Circular Coffee Table                        600mm Diameter x Height 380mm            RT32-6C-38-PS             £75.00 each            £72.00 each              £68.50 each

Connect Coffee Table                      940mm 890mm x Height 380mm                CON-M-38-PS                £131.50 each         £126.00 each            £120.50 each

Fabric Colours - Choose your fabric colour:

Frame Colours - Choose your frame colour (Silver Frames available at an extra cost)

Coffee Table Top Colour Options - Choose your Table Top Colour:

Coffee Table Edge Options - Choose your Table Edge Colour:

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