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SE Skid Base Chairs

SE Classic Skid Base Chairs have been designed with students in mind. The unique design gives thoracic, lumbar and pelvic support to the back ensuring perfect posture. The chair is fresh and stylish and is available in modern colourways making it the perfect choice for educational classroom seating or dining area establishments.

SE Classic Skid Base Chairs

Key Features:

  • Optional Curved Back

  • Optional Two Tone with different colour chair seat and back

  • BSEN1729 Compliant

  • UK Manufactured

  • 10 Year Warranty

Size        Seat Height         Age                         Product Code         Quantity 1 - 29        Quantity 30 - 99         Quantity 100+

5             430mm                  11 - 14 years       SES5                          £38.00 each             £36.00 each                £34.50 each

6             460mm                  14+ Adult              SES6                          £38.50 each             £36.75 each                £35.00 each

Seat Colours - Choose your seat colour:

Frame Colours - Choose your frame colour:

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