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Soft Play Build a Set 

A medium sized soft play set with 13 pieces to promote creativity, allowing children to create a wide variety of role play and circuit course constructions. Brightly coloured, versatile assortment of 13 soft play shapes. Promotes physical and PSE development, suitable for independent construction activities as well as group creative, collaborative play. Also supports shape and colour recognition.Designed to encourage learning through play, building confidence and a love learning. Includes free holdall for added value and convenience, making the sets portable and easy to store away. Starter guide included gives details and ideas on different constructions. Finished in a soft touch high quality vinyl, making the set both durable and easy to clean.

Soft Play Build-a-Set

Key Features:

  • Stain Resistant Wipe Clean Vinyl

  • Free Storage Holdall

  • Set of 13 Soft Play Shapes

Soft Play Build-a-Set
Soft Play Build-a-Set
Soft Play Build-a-Set
Soft Play Build-a-Set Free Holdall

Description                          Dimensions                                                                                    Product Code          Price

Soft Play Build a Set        Holdall Size W665mm x D415mm x H565mm                   SP1315                      £251.50

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