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ECO Stacking Poly Chairs 

The Eco Stacking Poly Chair is a general purpose adult height chair suitable for school assembly halls, exam halls, dining and function rooms along with many other facilities.  Made from high grade recycled polypropylene and high quality steel which combine to make a durable product that is very cost effective and environmentally minded. Chairs are lightweight and stackable. Manufactured from high quality recycled polypropylene. 

ECO Stacking Poly Chairs

Key Features:

  • Stackable Chairs

  • Supplied in Black 

  • Choose from 2 Seat Heights

  • UK Manufactured

  • Tested to BSEN1729 Part 2

Seat Height             Quantity 10 - 19         Quantity 20  - 49       Quantity 50 - 99       Quantity 100 - 499           Quantity 500 - 999          Quantity 1000+

430mm                     £17.00 each                £16.50 each               £15.00 each                £14.25 each                      £13.50 each                      £13.25 each

460mm                     £18.00 each                £17.50 each               £16.00 each                £15.25 each                      £14.50 each                       £14.25 each


Chair Transporter Trolley.jpg



Makes life easier when moving or stacking chairs

£81.00 each

Affinity Chair Link.jpg


Optional Chair linking device for ease of use in halls

£2.50 per chair

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