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EN One Low Back Stools 

The EN One Stools's ergonomic design encourages focused attention, with a waterfall front and 40mm built-in footrest helping to improve circulation. Manufactured in the UK out of reinforced polypropylene, our one piece stool is 100% recyclable. Optional bag hook that is secured to the stool with fasteners. Made out of reinforced plastic, it offers great strength to hang bags and jackets from. 

EN One Low Back Stools

Key Features:

  • Stools stack up to 15 high

  • Sturdy One Piece Design

  • Anti-tilt frame

  • BSEN1729 Compliant 

  • UK Manufactured

  • 10 Year Warranty

EN One Stool
EN One Stool shown with bag hook
EN One Stools
EN One Stool

 Seat Height                 Product Code                                 Quantity 1 - 29             Quantity 30 - 99           Quantity 100+

610mm                          EN-ONE-LB610                             £51.00 each                  £49.00 each                  £47.00 each

685mm                          EN-ONE-LB685                             £52.50 each                  £50.25 each                  £48.00 each

Stool Colour:


EN One Stool shown with bag hook

Optional Bag Hook 

£3.00 per chair

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