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GH20 Skid Base Chairs 

The durable GH Skid Base Chair is very well proportioned. At just 450mm as a total width on the larger sizes it is perfect for any environment where space is at a premium and it manages this without sacrificing comfort for the user. Designed for higher education, the chair is suitable for both classrooms and assembly halls.

GH20 Skid Base Chairs

Key Features:

  • Stackable Chairs

  • Comfortable Moulded Seat

  • UK Manufactured

  • 10 Year Warranty

Size        Seat Height         Age                         Product Code         Quantity 1 - 29        Quantity 30 - 99        Quantity 100+

5             430mm                  11 - 14 years       RF705                       £33.75 each             £32.00 each                £31.00 each

6             460mm                  14 -  Adult            RF706                       £33.75 each             £32.00 each                £31.00 each

Seat Colours - Choose your seat colour:

Frame Colours - Choose your frame colour (silver frame available at an extra cost of £1.50 per chair)

Fabric Colours - Choose your optional upholstered seat and back pad colour - see prices below:


GH20 Skid Base Chairs with Seat and Back Pads.jpg

Upholstered Seat and Back Pads

 £32.50 per chair

Size 6 only

Skid Base

add £14.00 per chair

Size 5 and 6 only

GH20 Chair with Writing Tablet.jpg

Writing Arm

£47.00 per chair

Size 6 only

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