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Hatton Chairs 

The elegant, streamlined silhouette of these chairs is created with a 100% recyclable, one piece injection moulded polypropylene/glass fibre blend. Its built in UV protection makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Strong, comfortable and light, it is stackable to 8 high on the floor, or 16 high on its transport dolly. Its subtle curved backrest features an integrated grab handle to make the chair easy to move around and quickly reconfigure a space. 

Hatton Chairs

Key Features:

  • Chairs Stack 8 High

  • Integrated Grab Handle

  • BSEN1639 Compliant

  • UK Manufactured

  • 5 Year Warranty

Hatton Chairs
Hatton Chairs
Hatton Chairs
Hatton Chairs

Seat Height           Age                           Product Code            Quantity 1 - 29            Quantity 30 - 99           Quantity 100+

455mm                   14+ adult                 Hatton                          £39.00 each                 £37.50 each                  £35.50 each

Seat Colours - Choose your chair colour:


Hatton Chair Transport Trolley




Makes life easier when moving or stacking chairs

£215.50 each

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