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Kinderbox Tray Units 

Kinderbox Tray Storage Units to store books of all shapes and sizes. Choose from a variety of tray colours in either single, double or quad sizes to tailor your storage unit. Supplied complete with trays and lockable castors.

Key Features:

  • Delivered Assembled

  • Units Supplied with Trays

  • Choose from Single, Double or Quad Trays or a Mixture

  • UK Manufactured

  • 5 Year Warranty

4 Bay Kinderbox over 4 double or 8 single trays

Description       Dimensions      Product       Price


4 Bay                 W690mm          MEQ4000    £208.00

Kinderbox        D453mm            - Beech        each

4 Double or      H625mm

8 Single Trays

4 Bay                 W690mm          MAP4000    £208.00

Kinderbox        D453mm            - Maple       each

4 Double or     H625mm

8 Single Trays

6 Bay Kinderbox over 6 double or 12 single trays

Description       Dimensions      Product       Price


6 Bay                 W1022mm         MEQ4001    £297.00

Kinderbox        D453mm            - Beech         each

6 Double or      H625mm

12 Single Trays

6 Bay                 W1022mm         MAP4001    £297.00

Kinderbox        D453mm            - Maple         each

6 Double or     H625mm

12 Single Trays

Tray Options - Choose your tray options either Single, Double or Quad Trays:

Single Shallow Tray

Single Shallow Tray 

Dimensions: W312 x D425 x H76mm

Double Tray

Double Tray 

Dimensions: W312 x D425 x H152mm

(1 Double Tray replaces 2 Single Trays)

Quad Jumbo Tray

Quad/Jumbo Tray 


Dimensions: W312 x D425 x H305mm

(1 Quad Tray replaces 4 Single Trays)

Tray Colours - Choose your tray colours:

Classic Solid Colours:

Classic Translucent and Tints:

Wood Finish Colours - Choose your wood finish colour:

Optional Tray Accessories: 

Tray Lid Transparent

Tray Lid Transparent 

One Size fits all trays £3.50 each

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