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Maestro HD Stacking Chairs

A contemporary, light and comfortable stacking chair, featuring a chrome-plated rod frame and polypropylene seat and backrest. Maestro unites design and materials to create a harmonious ensemble as its sleek appearance demonstrates. It stacks to a height of 10 chairs, increasing to 38 chairs using Maestro's own special trolley. This means that Maestro can be used quickly and flexibly for all kinds of different occasions. 

Maestro HD Stacking Chairs

Key Features:

  • Chairs Stack 38 with the trolley

  • Tested to BS 4875 Part 1 Level 4 and BS 7945: 1999

  •  445mm Seat Height

  • Protective Feet Buffers

  • Chrome Plated Rod Frame

  • 15 Year Warranty

Maestro HD Stacking Chairs
Maestro HD Stacking Chairs with Writing Tablet
Maestro HD Stacking Chairs
Maestro HD Stacking Chairs

Colour                             Product Code                   Quantity 1 - 29                    Quantity 30 - 99                   Quantity 100+

Flannel                           Maestro1                            £88.50 each                         £84.50 each                          £81.00 each

Nordic                            Maestro 2                           £88.50 each                         £84.50 each                          £81.00 each

Blue Grey                      Maestro3                            £88.50 each                         £84.50 each                          £81.00 each

Black                              Maestro4                            £88.50 each                         £84.50 each                          £81.00 each

Seat Colours - Choose your seat colour:


Maestro HD Stacking Chair Trolley.jpg

Maestro Chair Trolley 

£244.50 each

Maestro HD Chair with Writing Tablet

Writing Tablet

(LH or RH) 

£67.50 per chair

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