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Natural World Seating 

Large, brightly coloured early years seating. Suitable for child & teacher seating. Uncompromising standard using highly specified vinyls, double stitching & high grade foam inserts. Meeting all relevant safety and fire standards with stain resistant vinyl this seating is both durable & hard wearing in a demanding nursery and school environment.

Natural World Seating

Key Features:

  • Stain Resistant Vinyl

  • Durable & Hard Wearing

  • 250mm Seat Height

Natural World Leaf Seat
Natural World Double Leaf Seat
Natural World Large Toadstall
Natural World Small Toadstall

Description                                                        Dimensions                                                       Product Code         Price

Natural World leaf Seat                               W400mm x D355mm                                    SP3403                     £74.00 each

Natural World Double Leaf Seat              W800mm x D355mm                                    SP3404                     £109.50 each

Natural World Large Toadstall Seat       W500mm x D500mm                                    SP3406                      £109.50 each

Natural World Small Toadstall Seat       W350mm x D350mm                                    SP3405                      £74.00 each

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