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ZLite Folding Chairs 

The Z-Lite folding chair is a lightweight portable chair that is perfect for quick and easy assembly for exam halls, performance spaces, school events, assembly and conference halls. When not in use the chair folds flat for compact stacking and storage. Protective Feet Buffers. Double Riveted Cross Braces for strength.

ZLite Folding Chairs

Key Features:

  • Supplied with a Grey Frame

  • Protective Feet Buffers

  • Double Riveted for Strength

  • Cost Saving Bundle Deals

ZLite Folding Chair
ZLite Folding Chair with Trolley
ZLite Folding Chairs
ZLite Folding Chairs

ZLite Folding Chairs

Description                                         Product Code                Quantity 1 - 29             Quantity 30 - 99         Quantity 100+

Blue Folding Chair                           CF4050                             £15.50 each                 £15.00 each                 £14.25 each

Grey Folding Chair                           CF4054                             £15.50 each                 £15.00 each                 £14.25 each

Burgundy Folding Chair                CF4052                             £15.50 each                 £15.00 each                 £14.25 each

Chair Storage Trolleys

Description                                                                                      Product Code               Quantity 1 - 4                Quantity 5 +       

Flatbed Chair Trolley - 40 Capacity                                        CF4038                           £144.00 each                £138.00 each

Hanging  Chair Trolley - 60 Capacity                                      CF4036                           £294.00 each                £282.00 each

ZLite Folding Chairs - Chair | Trolley Bundle Offers

Description                                                                                                                                         Product Code        Price

40 x ZLite Folding Chairs with Flat Bed Storage Trolley                                                    CF4060                    £690.00 each

60 x ZLite Folding Chairs with Hanging Chair Storage Trolley                                        CF4080                    £1121.00 each

Seat Colours - Choose your seat colour:


60 Capacity Hanging Trolley

60 Capacity Hanging Chair Storage Trolley 

Code: CF4036

£294.00 each

40 Capacity Flatbed Chair Trolley

40 Capacity Flatbed Chair Storage Trolley 

Code: CF4038


£144.00 each

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