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Zlite HD Stacking Chairs

A stylish high density stacking chair. Comfortable, tough and easy to handle making it ideal for conferences, schools and universities, assembly halls, dining areas, common rooms and offices.  

Zlite HD Stacking Chairs

Key Features:

  • Chairs Stack 32 with the trolley

  • BS EN16139 Level 2 Certified for Severe Contract Use

  • 450mm Seat Height

  • Protective Feet Buffers

  • Steel Wire Frame Chrome Plated

  • Integral Linking Device

  • 5 Year Warranty

ZLite HD Chairs shown Stacking
ZLite HD Stacking Chairs
ZLite HD Chairs shown Stacking on Trolley
ZLite HD Stacking Chairs

Colour                            Product Code                   Quantity 1 - 29                     Quantity 30 - 99                  Quantity 100+

Midnight Blue             DT4032                                £112.50 each                       £108.00 each                       £104.00 each

Grass Green                DT4028                                £112.50 each                       £108.00 each                       £104.00 each

Traffick Black             DT4036                                £112.50 each                       £108.00 each                       £104.00 each

Anthracite                   DT4034                                £112.50 each                       £108.00 each                       £104.00 each

Soft Red                        DT4030                                 £112.50 each                       £108.00 each                       £104.00 each

Chair Colours - Choose your seat colour 


ZLite HD Chairs shown Stacking on Trolley

ZLite High Density Stacking Trolley 

Code: DT4038

£270.00 each

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